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Enterprise Services

Signum can help your enterprise harness all the power the Internet can offer. We offer a full suite of services spanning broadband, network security, VPN options, and Voive Over IP, designed to provide global availability, secure accessibility, reliable performance, and swift navigation.

To add with, we weave a closer and reliable Enterprise services complementing the fastest technology. We understand that getting your enterprise requirements at a great low price is important to your business. We are completely focused on delivering excellent levels of service with fast, reliable solutions along with helpful and friendly customer support.

We offer the following Enterprise services....

Dedicated Bandwidth
Managed Email

Dedicated leased line services starting 10 Mbps up to 1 Gbps and more to enterprises for faster data transfers. Our point to point leased line connections (also known as Private Circuits) are just the job if you require dedicated, always-on, fixed bandwidth connectivity between two points; to transport data, internet or voice traffic. Leased lines are incredibly cost effective, particularly if you tend to exchange large volumes of traffic between your companys sites or a valued business partner.

  • Multiple last mile to ensure redundancy
  • Local BW sourcing, BGP4 announcement, Multiple under sea route
  • Multiple sourcing at PoP level to ensure latency, IP routing path
  • 24*7 Dedicated ESG help desk
  • Solution centric approach to ensure QoS and up-time
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure at IDC, NOC Level and maintain 99.9% up-time
Network Security
Network Security

Firewall is the first line of defense for any computer user against Internet-based attacks. Sitting just outside of your network, Firewalls are designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from your private network.

Ranging from compact "plug-and-play" desktop firewalls for small and home offices, to modular, carrier-class gigabit firewalls for the most demanding enterprise environments, Security Appliances provide the highest levels of security, performance, reliability and ease of installation available.

  • Firewalls, offering unprecedented levels of protection, are tightly integrated that combine statefull firewall and IP security (Ipsec) virtual private network (VPN) capabilities.
  • Firewalls meet the needs of large enterprise networks and service providers. Gigabit throughput, the ability to handle 500,000 concurrent connections, and Ipsec Triple DES Encryption Standard (3DES) speeds up to 100 Mbps mean true carrier-class performance.
  • High availability is supported with the deployment of a redundant hot standby unit. Acting as a complete redundant system that maintains current sessions, the unit offers the ultimate resiliency for a fraction of the price.

Syscon Infoway offers IP VPN as connectivity solution. IP VPN offering delivers a flexible, customisable, any-to-any network that lets you connect office headquarters, branches, distribution facilities, data centres and other locations, with ease.

With the ability to converge all your existing voice and data applications onto one network, IP VPN can reduce your costs and simplify operations, while ensuring you meet the demands of today's business environment.

  • Full access portfolio choices to cater every size of site.
  • Bandwidth scalability, as traffic flows increase (subject to minimum bandwidths).
  • Managed router and firewall option or wires only you choose.
  • Access to intranet and internal email systems.
  • Internet access, Centralised Internet access or direct Internet access optional you choose.
  • Suitable for any company taking the first step in to convergence, remote working and requiring secure WAN connectivity.
Voice Over IP(Enterprise Services)
web applications

Manage your business with utmost efficiency with the aid of SIPL's integrated IP PBX Solution. Our software allows you to co-ordinate with branch offices and franchisees around the world with a united platform.

With SysTalk, you can provide your professional clients with cutting edge technology to make your business grow at an exponential pace.

  • Detailed and Customized call reporting.
  • Cost-effective Calling.
  • Premium Voice Quality.
  • Voice mail to Email Facility.
  • Tele-Conference Facilities.
  • Wireless VOIP

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