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Soho Broadband

Enjoy the freedom of endless possibilities with Signum Broadband. Download any songs and videos you like, play your favourite games, attach large files or folders, upload your trendy photos & videos;its simple & easy with lightening fast speed on.

Broadband Plans :  Vijayawada
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Price plans are subject to change (* Taxes applicable)

   All prices are exclusive of GST 18%.

   Installation charges 1000/- (Nonrefundable).

   6 Months advance rental 1 month free or FH456 4 Antenna router free worth rupees 1,660/-.

   12 Months advance rental 2 months free or TEI12 Selling mount access point free worth rupees 5,425/-.

   1 Public IP Free for all plans.

   Delivery Period 3 to 4 Days for Existing Location, 1 Week for New Location.

   SME Handover Ethernet or Fiber.

   Space, Power Provide by Customer.


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